• Payara Secuirty Realm with JDBC

    Privacy and security is very important and you really need to consider this at the first time when build and software application, which is lead to design your software application with authentication and authorization for the user. Recently I stumbled on Jerry article about what should and shouldn’t you do about securing password which is very good starting point when you want to build secure software application especially with Java. On Java EE, precisely Java EE 7 and below you will see how hard and not portable to configure authentication and authorization. The good news is, Java Security API finally receive big update and will be shipped on Java EE 8.

  • Configure PostgreSQL Datasource on Payara Application Server

    Payara application server was derivative from Glashfish, with all the goodness from Glashfish and there is more and more interesting stuff added by Payara team nowadays Payara is become a popular application server that can be compete with Wildfly, Websphere, TomEE and many other Java EE application server. Today I would like to share about how to configure datasource configuration especially using PostgreSQL database on Payara version 4.1 (171).

  • Build SOAP Web Service for Millennial Java Developer

    Are you proclaimed as millennial Java developer who play with the newest lambda expressions, working on micro services architecture, experienced in building REST web services and even you know about Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State (HATEOAS). Then, the nightmare is come. You need to integrate your system with 0ld third-party system, and of course they don’t have fancy things like REST. They offer you Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to communicate with their system.

  • Introductory to Java Programming Language

    Java is widely known to be used in Enterprise Software Application, with long history and proven quality trough many years which is many university use Java programming language in their course. Sadly, after so many years people said that Java is bad for introductory programming language, they said that Java is full with scary things for a beginner.

  • H2 in Memory Database Management

    Saya sering melakukan latihan hands on terhadap Java EE, dan tentunya beberapa latihan tersebut memerlukan koneksi database untuk menyimpan data. Application server favorit saya adalah Wildfly dan Payara, disini antara Wildfly dengan Payara memiliki perbedaan yang cukup mencolok dalam urusan koneksi dengan database dimana Wildfly mengkombinasikan Hibernate dan H2 Database sebagai default datasources yang bisa langsung kita pergunakan dan Payara dengan EclipseLink dan Derby Database. Dengan Netbeans IDE menggunakan Payara saya merasa sangat dimanja, karena pada dasarnya Payara merupakan fork dari Glashfish maka Netbeans dengan mudah terintegrasi dengan Payara sehingga saya dapat melakukan manajemen Derby Database dengan mudah melalui Netbeans. Namun kali ini saya ingin membahas bagaimana management In Memory H2 Database pada Wildfly.

  • Continuous Integration

    Previously I made a stories about how to do testing in Java EE, and since I’m a pragmatic programmer and like to being lazy, actually you can automate your testing and build process in Java EE. Continuous Integration (CI) is really something important in your software development life cycle because it will make your life more easier, you will not needed to doing a repetitive task for testing, build and then deploy it into production or development server. Jenkins and Gitlab was very famous tools to perform CI in many company, but I and you must be not wanting to rent a server in order setup Jenkins and Gitlab for open source or experimental software, right?

  • How to Testing with Java EE

    Recently I stumbled on great video about testing on Java EE, and it’s like completed the puzzle about how to perform testing on Java EE in my case. In software development, testing was something important as the code itself, if you want to deliver a good and robust software then you must test your software before deliver it. Testing it’s not only doing by tester or quality assurance team, but as a programmer we also need to create a test to make sure our software is reliable in any condition and to make sure that what are you build is already the right thing.

  • Quick Notes About JAX RS

    Beberapa hari ini saya banyak belajar mengenai JAX-RS pada Java EE 7, selama masa latihan saya menemukan sesuatu yang cukup penting untuk saya catat agar tidak lupa dikemudian hari.

  • Java EE Asynchronous Events CDI

    Asynchronous it’s mean not Synchronous, ok it was a lame joke I’m sorry. When we’re talking about asynchronous it’s more like you’re delegate your work to another reliable man and don’t need to wait and supervise him, you can move to doing another task and when this man done with his work he will tell you. In technical explanation your work or in this case we call it task, was proceed on the different time table, it’s not depends with another task, and mostly was delegate into another thread. The simpler explanation between the different of asynchronous and synchronous.

  • Boost Your Productivity as Software Developer with Unix Environment

    The best friend among many programmer is of course a computer. Code, test, build and then ship the project was your daily routine and it’s was done in your lovely computer. Every programmer will be a picky when choose their best tools to maximize their productivity and it’s apply to decide what kind of operating system should be used, it’s Windows, Linux, or Mac. Linux and Mac was Unix like operating system and known as the most used by programmer, neither they’re a fanboy or want to be look like a geek, but it’s simply because that is the most comfortable environment for a programmer.

  • REST Web Service with Java EE

    Representational State Transfer (REST) is part of Web Service Technology that see data and functionality as representations of resources and can be accessed using Unified Resource Identifiers (URIs) or in more general term is links on the web. REST quickly gain it’s popularity with many Tech Company start to adopted micro services architectural in their Product or Project. Micro service is structuring the application as a set of loosely coupled, collaborating services. Every service can be implemented using any programming languages as long it’s provided communication method between the service and REST is mostly used because it’s simplicity.

  • Configure Application Security Realm in Wildfly 10 Final

    Dalam membangun sebuah aplikasi enterprise, salah satu fitur penting yang harus diperhatikan adalah tentang Authentication & Authorization. JavaEE sendiri juga telah memiliki fitur yang dikenal dengan Java Authentication & Authorization Service (JAAS) yang mana akan ditangani oleh Application Server.

  • Create MariaDB Datasource in Wildfly 10 Final

    Sebagai Java Developer, khususnya JavaEE pasti tidak asing dengan Application Server baik itu Glassfish, Weblogic, TomEE, dll. Kali ini saya ingin berbagi pengalaman menggunakan Application Server Wildfly yang mana merupakan suksesor dari JBoss.

  • Tutorial MongoDB

    MongoDB merupakan salah satu Document Based Database yang bersifat open source. Sebagai NoSQL database MongoDB menggunakan format dokumen selayaknya JSON dengan schemas. Untuk dapat menginstall MongoDB pada Slackware kita dapat menggunakan build package yang tersedia di Slackbuilds. Perhatian proses build package akan memakan waktu yang cukup lama.

  • Tutorial JDBC

    Dalam membuat sebuah sistem aplikasi pasti tidak terlepas dari yang namanya operasi menyimpan atau membaca sebuah data, baik data yang tersimpan dalam sebuah RDBMS, noSQL, ataupun sebuah teks file. Dalam Java operasi menyimpan atau membaca data kedalam sebuah RDBMS terdapat banyak cara, salah satunya adalah dengan JDBC standar yang telah disediakan oleh Java sendiri.

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